Pinoy Relief


The mission of Pinoy Relief is to provide relief to victims of natural disasters in the Philippines - with the current focus being victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

Created in 2013 in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Pinoy Relief was formed to generate awareness, raise funds and create sustainable recovery programs for the victims and communities affected by this devastating natural disaster. The focus of our organization is to bring the power of a global community (aggregated resources, crisis expertise, and awareness) to help the masses in need at a local level. We aim to stabilize affected communities by providing resources, life necessities, temporary facilities and tools to farmers, fishermen, small businesses, teachers, doctors, individuals and families.

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Pinoy Relief Initiative Partners
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gold   bronze

Corinne Ball & Thomas Weber – Catholic Charities
Larry & Norma Corio and Family
Tom & Lesha Elsenbrook
J P Morgan Chase
Arthur & Ronnie Kirsch and Family
Trish & Michael Odrich
Charles Royce
Stephen & Ronna Sieh
Loida Lewis
Paul Aversano
Joseph & Gail Berardino
Michael & Carlyn Bergman
John Bumgarner
Richard Butwin
Peter Cheston
Robert Devlin Foundation
Freid Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson
Jackson Kelly PLLC, Attorneys at Law
Richard Jenkins
Tom Jones
Kohlberg & Co.
Lazard Freres & Co.
Houlihan Lokey
Robert & Tammi Lowe
The McCann World Group
Jack & Lisa McCarthy Jr.
Markus Pastor
Robert & Ann Petrocelli
Bill & Vin Roberti
Jeff Stegenga
USI Benefits Consultant
Wells Fargo of White Plains

Tom & Kathleen Aiello
Harlan Batrus
Angelica Berrie
Joe Bondi & Sarah Greenwood
Burson - Marsteller
Clearlake Capital Group
Steve & Jill Cohn
Tim Coleman - Blackstone
Colodny Fass Talenfeld
Mike Criscito
Joe Cronk
Fenway Partners
Daniel Ehrmann
Jay & Randy Fishman
Aris & Angela Garcia
Boy Garcia - Quad Express
Robert Goldstein
Grassi & Co.
Greenberg Taurig Foundation
Greensledge Capital Markets
Robert & Andrea Hershan
Julie Hertzberg
HiTouch Business Services
David Javdan
Randy & Cyndi Joiner
Kaye Scholer LLP
Bill & Paula Kostorus
Markus & Elke Lahrkamp
LAK Public Relations
Peter Lane
Elizabeth LaPuma
Loughlin Management Partners
Dr. Gilbert Makabali
McGladrey LLP
McGriff Agency
Serge Nivelle
Mark Patterson
Joel & Susan Poretsky
Private Health
Dhiren & Sharmila Rawal
Susan Robison
Guy Sansone
Tom Scarpinato
Delle Sering - Seven Seven Software
Martin & Jean Shafiroff
Stan & Lila Springel
John & Debbie Suckow
Dean Swick
Steve Sy
TD Bank
Swan Thung
Susan Tobin
Troutman Sanders
Stefaan Vansteenkiste
Dave Walsh
Martin & Pamela Winters
Ted Young
UBS – Greg Hurst
Who Is On The Pinoy Relief Committee?
Noel Vales Anges Jamora Paul Magahis
Victor Lirio Nicole Ponseca Michael Nierva
Marilyn Eclips Dan Baker Basilia Yao