The mission of Pinoy Relief is to provide relief to victims of natural disasters in the Philippines - with the current focus being victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

Created in 2013 in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Pinoy Relief was formed to generate awareness, raise funds and create sustainable recovery programs for the victims and communities affected by this devastating natural disaster. The focus of our organization is to bring the power of a global community (aggregated resources, crisis expertise, and awareness) to help the masses in need at a local level. We aim to stabilize affected communities by providing resources to enable individuals and families to lead their own recovery.


Pinoy Relief will raise funds to be used for the benefit of Haiyan victims – either through Pinoy Relief's own programs or through grants to NGOs – that will focus on three priorities:

  • Resuming livelihoods – focus on fishing livelihoods.
  • Shelter.
  • Classrooms.

All administrative and overhead costs will be borne by the Alvarez Family Foundation. 100% of funds raised will either go to victims directly under Pinoy Relief's own programs or grants to NGOs.

We will award grants to NGO's:

  • Due diligence will be performed to select NGOs
  • Track record of effectiveness
  • Percent of funds that go to victims
  • Build grant programs that create sustainable recovery
  • Build grant programs that address the needs of the most impacted localities
  • Require NGOs to report and monitor spending and impact on victims

  • Local businesses around the USA are raising funds for Typhoon Haiyan victims.
  • Individuals want to help but don't know what are the most pressing priorities and which NGO's to support.
  • The devastation is not going to be remedied quickly, easily or cheaply.
  • Relief efforts today are somewhat disparate and as a result not as effective.
  • Not all of the donations are going to their intended target.
  • A global community effort is needed.
  • Providing relief to victims at a local level is the best way to make an immediate and sustainable impact on their lives.
  • The effectiveness of our individual relief efforts increases dramatically if we act as a global community.
  • Donors (like us) want to verify that their money is going to their intended priorities & the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
  • Transparency is needed to quantify the results of our relief efforts. (In other words, we want facts and measurable results!)

Pinoy Relief's Board of Directors is a distinguished group with expertise in crisis management, disaster management, medicine, finance and charitable foundation gift giving best practices. These dedicated individuals will generate awareness, raise funds and, more importantly, will identify, develop and monitor programs in partnership with local and global NGO's to execute Pinoy Relief's mission and priorities. The expertise of the Board will be brought to bear during the selection process of awarding grants to NGO's as well as deciding which relief initiatives to support and develop. Pinoy Relief is a non-ideological organization, as reflected in the make-up of the board.

Administrative costs and overheard
Administrative costs and overheads for Pinoy Relief will be paid for by board members. Thus, 100% of public funds raised by Pinoy Relief will go to NGO grants focused on disaster relief and aid to help the Haiyan victims.

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